Web of Sunsets is a trio crafting pastoral psychedelic folk and wistful acid country tunes. Their sonics aptly compare to sepia-soaked memories or the final golden hour of sunlight. Webs is a uniquely collaborative project in that all three members (Sara Bischoff, Sarah Nienaber and Chris Rose) split duties between penning songs, playing guitar and singing across their catalog. Writing their fourth album, Chaos Waltz, the band was geographically split between Portland and Minneapolis, giving each songwriter even more autonomy and freedom to hone their particular vision. Blending and coalescing these three minds resulted in Chaos Waltz, a beautiful album of their distinctly dreamy and emotive power.

Web of Sunsets

Chaos Waltz



Format CS
Catalog Number MG90
Edition 150 + download
Side A

1. Chaos Waltz
2. Crimson
3. Light Again
4. What Breaks
5. Trip
6. Downtown

Side B

1. Jacket
2. Silver Bay
3. You Feel Like Coming Home

Web of Sunsets

Sarah Nienaber
Chris Rose
Sara Biscoff

Add’l Recording
Art & Design

Neil Weir
Chris Bierden
Neil Weir
Sarah Nienaber
Steve Rosborough