Larry Wish brings together His Guys for a set of far-out pop tunes and outsider jams. A fixture of weirdo music in Minneapolis, Adam Werven (who is Larry Wish) wrote these songs over the course of three years at the Organ Haus. They were originally recorded as 4-track bedroom prog songs with Adam overdubbing each part, drums, cheap keyboards, etc. The songs are about daily observations, reflections, interactions, and trying to understand love and life without analyzing either to death. Not From My Come From features a band of talented and wonderful musicians who have learned the parts and applied their own stylized filters to them. It is the third album by Larry Wish & His Guys, and the first to include guitarist Nate Johnson on the electric guitar. The cover painting is by Adam’s Grandfather, Lawrence “Bump” Werven.

Larry Wish & His Guys

Not From My Come From



Format CS
Catalog Number MG088
Edition 150 + download
Side A

1. Must Be Someone
2. Indrid Cold
3. Calendar Year
4. The Quing of Engwin

Side B

1. Sometimes I Actually Kimberly Myself
2. Malady
3. Mary Has a Wheelchair and Lots of Markers

Sam Cramer
Kate Farstad
Nate Johnson
Adam Werven

Bass, Vocals
Drums, Vocals
Keyboards, Vocals, Songs

Recorded / Engineered

Neil Weir
Bruce Templeton

Cover Painting

Lawrence “Bump” Werven
Steve Rosborough