A mirage in a desert of possibilities, Arcosanta is a reverberation of utopian realism and an invitation for new modes of relationship to crises. Warping New Age tropes as a testament to the acidification of oceans and ongoing ecological collapse, Arcosanta casts a shadow across the bankrupt hangover of the Aquarian ā€˜60s, drawing its power from the ecstatic energy of emptiness. Directly influenced by a personal tarot reading and featuring excerpts recorded in a decommissioned Civil War military base, Arcosanta is a sonic reimagining of American transcendentalism and a harbinger of post-capitalist spiritual and emotional balance.




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Format CS
Catalog Number MG079
Edition 150
Side A

1. The Sun
2. The Hermit
3. Ace of Pentacles
4. Five of Wands
5. The Magician
6. Ten of Cups
7. The Hierophant

Side B

Repeat of side A

Time Architect

Chris Farstad


Vocals (via Jarlde)
Apple iPad 2nd Gen.ā€” LoopyHD
Apple iPhone 4Sā€” Geosynth
KORG Microkorg XL
Digitech Whammy
Roland SP-202
TC Electronics Flashback
Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain
Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute
Carnatic-style G#, F# C Flute
AKG Perception “Sport-Style” Wireless Mic


Chris Farstad
Steve Rosborough