Courtesy is a duo crafting warped, occasionally austere tunes that sit comfortably somewhere between post-punk dirges, electronic bangers and nuanced drifters. On their first, self-released album, Idmatic, Drew Ryan and Kirk Rawlings were geographically separated in Memphis and Chicago but have recently found themselves a mutual home in the Windy City for their follow-up release, Slow Bruise. Thematically, the album covers aggressive apathy, modern awareness of dissolving cultural myths and how time interacts with those of us whose pleasure circuits are fried. It’s a thrilling listen and Moon Glyph is proud to share Courtesy’s sophomore album, Slow Bruise.


Slow Bruise

Format CS
Catalog Number MG078
Edition 150
Side A

1. Slow Bruise
2. ComEd
3. Juliet
4. Black Hole

Side B

1. Nite Nite
2. Acrylics
3. Jungle Juice
4. Total Drag
5. Cat Call


Drew Ryan
Kirk Rawlings

Recorded / Mixed


Drew Ryan
Kirk Rawlings
Alex Pilkington
Matt Qualls
Noah Villagomez (“Total Drag”)

Cover Artwork

Alexa Viscius
Drew Ryan
Steve Rosborough