Coasting along for a second time this year is San Francisco’s FWY! with his newest collection of buoyant landscapes, understated drum machine grooves and laid-back soft-synth compositions. Like his previous albums, HWY Trust rides casually into the countryside with tunes like “Riverside FWY (4PM)” bridging the greatest elements of motorik propulsion and slowmo ambient rippling. On “Anaheim Nightlife” Edmund Xavier bumps up the BPM, layers the organ and guitar and lets his euphoric melodies flow. FWY!’s HWY Trust is the wind in your hair on that ne’erending road trip and Moon Glyph couldn’t be happier to supply that freeing, exhilarating feeling


HWY Trust

Format CS
Catalog Number MG067
Edition 150
Side A

1. CA BLK Plates
2. Costa Mesa
3. Westbound
4. HWY Trust Part One
5. Anaheim Nightlife

Side B

1. 133
2. East Side Story Vol. 7
3. Irvine Spectrum Center
4. Riverside FWY (4PM)

Edmund Xavier
William P
Young Moon

Instruments & Artwork
Additional Instruments
Bass on “Irvine Spectrum Center”


Steve Rosborough