Omni Gardens is the experimental ambient/new age project by Moon Glyph head Steve Rosborough. Recorded at home in Portland during the early days of covid, Moss King is relaxed home listening for difficult times. The first Omni Gardens release, West Coast Escapism, was expansive with a broad selection of soothing synth tones and morphing samples. In contrast, Moss King is a smaller, more intimate affair, full of fuzzy new age moog drifters and self-captured field recordings. The tracks bounce between minimalist twinkling synth plucks, ocean-backed synth pads and ambient pop forms. Playful, serene and healing sounds for watching your plants grow.

Omni Gardens

Moss King

Format CS
Catalog Number MG108
Edition 150 + download
Side A

1. Watering Plants
2. Cool Off
3. Iridescent Glint Beetle
4. Hallway Rug
5. Drawing A Rainbow
6. Far-Out Greens

Side B

1. Golden Pothos
2. Wood Grain
3. Algae After All
4. Oolong

Steve Rosborough
Suzanne Pfutzenreuter

Daryl Groetsch

Music, Field Recordings & Artwork
Chimes, Rainstick on “Wood Grain”, Macrame & Cover Photograph