Grapefruit is the experimental project by Portland musician and painter Charlie Salas-Humara. His ninth album under the moniker, Light Fronds is steeped in heady minimalism and hypnotic, casual psychedelia. It’s an album of colorful and loose jams; layering viola, guitar, synth and piano into a rolling, pastoral experience. Touches of new age and modern classical fill the space as well. The Frippertronics-esque tape loops and kosmische inspired compositions on Light Fronds are sublime and transportive, ideal qualities for this afternoon zone-out.


Light Fronds



Format CS
Catalog Number MG105
Edition 150 + download
Side A

1. Divine Invasion
2. Time Drips
3. Sokal Affair
4. Theophany
5. Tracers

Side B

1. Valis
2. King of Spain
3. Transmigration

Charlie Salas-Humara

Guitar, Six track, Tape loops

Mastered by
Art by

Daryl Groetsch
Steve Rosborough