“Fishland” is the expansive debut album from Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings aka composer/drummer/vocalist Elihu Knowles. Based in Portland via the Bay Area, Knowles’ jazz background deeply influences his soulful and experimental tunes. On “Fishland” he deftly blends maximalist free-form explorations alongside pop harmonic structures to coalesce into something fresh and uniquely its own. The palette is as wide as its song forms; piano, bizarro samples, lush strings, acoustic & electronic drums, other-worldly synths, saxophone, rhodes, field recordings and a plethora of undefinable sonic experiments. A debut as bold and fully-realized as “Fishland” is hard to believe and yet, here it is, beamed down from interstellar space.

Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings




Format CS
Catalog Number MG104
Edition 150 + download
Side A

1. Aaron Space Speaks
2. Zellerbach
3. Slow (Fast)
4. Stome Soup
5. Fishland

Side B

1. Cat Corner
2. You Are (What You Eat)
3. Fast (Slow)
4. Where’s Frankie?
5. Stone Soup / Homer

Elihu Knowles

Performer, Producer, Arranger

Sam Griffin-Ortiz

Quinn Girard

Daniel Woodruff
Nikhil Wadhwa
Hayden Dekker

Additional Production on “Aaron Space Speaks”, “Fishland”

Bass on “Slow (Fast)”

Piano on “Stome Soup”
Guitar & Bass on “Stome Soup”
Saxophone on “Stome Soup”

Final Mix Co-Producer
Initial Mix on “Stome Soup”

Roland Kniese
Antonello Marafioti

Piper Payne at Infrasonic Sound

Cover Painting

Quinn Girard
Steve Rosborough