Blue Tomorrow’s debut album Without Color is a breezy collection of homespun psychedelic pop tunes crafted by Sarah Nienaber (also of Candace and Web of Sunsets). Time is marked by memories and milestones but the rest is in-between. You aren’t who you were and you’re not you just yet. An idle space for creativity to gestate. During these in-between moments, Sarah recorded at home in her basement studio in Portland, Oregon. She used hazy guitars, drum machines, gentle synths and her own voice to form Without Color, an album of shimmering, languid beauty. A perfect autumnal album for ushering in whatever’s next.

Blue Tomorrows

Without Color



Format CS
Catalog Number MG101
Edition 150 + download
Side A

1. Sound of Moving
2. Palisades
3. Crescent Moon Blues
4. Sonoma Mt. Rd. (Deep Summer)
5. Seashell Foxtrot

Side B

1. Without Color
2. For Wishing / Sea of Empty
3. Calgary
4. Blackstone

Sarah Nienaber

Sarah Rose
Nathan Junior
Sara Bischoff
Uncle Tim

Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Bass, Drum Machine
Bass, Vocals, Casio, Drums, Synth
Guitar on “Without Color”
Casio on “Without Color”

Mixed & Mastered
Art & Design

Neil Weir
Steve Rosborough